About Achievements

Dockship rewards you with XP (Experience Points), badges, and certificates whenever certain tasks are completed by you. The XP helps you increase your profile Level which is visible in your public profile page. You can check out all your achievements in "My Achievements" section of your dashboard.

Types of Achievements

  1. XP - Experience Point sare rewarded for completing certain tasks such as completing your profile, participating in challenges etc. The list can be viewed in the "My Achievements" section.

  2. Badges - Badges are unlocked upon doing special tasks such as Participating in Challenges multiple times, uploading notebooks, uploading AI Models in the marketplace and more. The list of badges can be viewed in the "My Achievements" section.

  3. Certificates - Certificates are awarded whenever you make a successful submission in a Challenge. The Rank 1 holder may also be presented with a Winning Certificate.

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