Preparing your AI Model

This guide will help you in structuring your AI Model

Your model should have the following structure:

  • Input (Directory)

  • Output (Directory)

  • requirements.txt (File)

  • (File)

  • src (Directory)

  • src / (File)

  • stats (Directory)

Input - 'Input' directory contains sample source images / Videos for inference.

Output - 'Output' directory contains sample outputs which were generated by inference on 'Input' directory.

requirements.txt - 'requirements.txt' should list all the python dependencies with versions. You can use: pip freeze > requirements.txt to generate this file. - This file tells other people why your project is useful, what they can do with your project, and how they can use it.

src - 'src' directory contains all the source code for I/O, pre-processing and post-processing along with the trained model.

src/ - This is the main python file that the user calls. It should be able to take at least 'input' (Input path) and 'output' (Output path) as arguments. Example -

python src/ --input Input --output Output

stats - This directory may contain one or more files. Each file stores inference time taken on particular hardware. Example - 'cpu.txt' stores inference time on CPU.

Above mentioned are the necessary files/directories which your model should have. It may contain additional files if your model requires.

Once you have structured your model according to the above template, compress the folder as a zip file.

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