Monetizing your Article

By writing quality data science articles you can earn money on Dockship. If your article is of high quality and your account reputation is good your article can be marked as premium otherwise the articles will be marked as community. Community articles cannot not earn money through our monetization program.

Your article must be marked as premium by the Dockship team before you can start earning money.

Dockship will reward you for the number of likes/upvotes and views you get on your premium article in the form of real cash that will be credited to your bank account. Please check the "My Article" section to know the current monetization rate provided by Dockship.

Before you can monetize your article, you are required to complete your KYC. You can monetize your articles for up to 30 days from the date of publishing.

Note: The monetization on views is capped for the first 1000 views only.

Dockship can, at any time, demonetize your article. This can occur if the content of your article is plagiarized, contains copyrighted material, or violates the terms of use of Dockship.

The monetized amount will be credited to your bank account on the first or second week of every month. The amount cannot be credited as per the request of the user.

Article monetization is only available for the citizens of India. More countries will follow soon. Organizations on Dockship cannot monetize their articles.

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