Completing your KYC

KYC or Know Your Customer is a process by which Dockship establishes your profile authenticity. It is recommended. Please follow the steps below to complete your KYC.

  1. Goto you Dashboard

  2. From the sidebar, select "KYC".

  3. On the next page fill-up the form. Hints have been provided to help you understand the fields.

Your KYC will be rejected if the fields are not filled correctly.

Benefits of KYC

  1. Gives you a verified badge - This instils confidence in the viewer of your profile.

  2. Profiles with verified badge have a higher chance of getting accepted for a Challenge whenever approval for participation is required.

  3. Enables Payout in your Dockship account. Payout is the amount transferred to your bank account whenever you earn money via Dockship.

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