Creating a Challenge From Scratch

This page describes how to create a Challenge from scratch.

In order to create a challenge from scratch, you need to follow the following steps. This process can take 30 - 90 minutes and includes writing content and uploading a dataset (optional).

Once clicked on "Create from Scratch" (from the previous step) enter the preferred name of your challenge and a short description.

On the next page, you can change the settings and add content.

A. Settings

Dockship allows you to customize the Challenge as per your needs. Here are all the settings that can be changed while creating an Challenge. The settings have their hints next to this and will guide you while you change them.

Some important settings:

  1. Select the type of challenge (Hiring/Community) - Hiring challenge must be selected if you wish to host a hiring challenge. Community challenges are used to engage the data science community.

  2. Setting a bounty to the rank 1 holder - Bounty is a cash prize (min. INR 5000).

  3. Reverse Scoring (If the dataset is not provided) - A Higher score means Lower Rank.

  4. Invite only - Select this option if only the invited people can participants (via email address)

B. Content

Content refers to the different sections of the Challenge. You can add the following details about your Challenge.

About This section consists of Title, Subtitle, and Long Description of the challenge.

Submission Guidelines Use this section to describe how the solution to be uploaded.

Rewards and prizes Describe what rewards will be giving to the participants. If a bounty was selected during the challenge creating process, that bounty will be awarded automatically to the rank 1 holder.

Rules Use this section to describe the rules of the challenge.

FAQs Your participants can have some question, you can answer some of the most common questions here.

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